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Can you give some tips to beginners?


Hey Fiverr Community!

I just started on Fiverr and ask myself how I can improve my Gig Site. So I am free to any critique or feedback. Since I want to add another gig, I would really appreciate some tips.

(Started a new topic, because the other ones are kind of dead)

Best regards


Hi Daniel,

You can take it or leave it, but here are some the problems I noticed

  • Basic gig includes 10 words. What kind of document is 10 words?
  • Your gig says what you do, but you should focus more on why user should hire you and what’s the value. Create multiple gigs, each for a specific reason. For example, a separate gig for CV, another for cover letter etc.
  • The design isn’t really appealing. I know you’re going for a simple look but look around in ThemeForest. Check out the most popular CV templates. Pick one, learn it and start selling it. (Buy the licenses of course)
  • Add a video or at least an engaging cover photo. Have you checked how your gig thumbnail looks like in a search? It won’t stand out (stay away from stock photos, there are enough of those).


The Screenshots of the documents have I made myself. I will try to update the gig based on your tips, thank you.


I believe that. I’m just saying that when you pick a cover photo don’t choose stock photos :wink:
You know the ones where some model is sitting behind a laptop or someone’s hands are on a keyboard or the classic pen & paper :slight_smile:


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Hi Iodaniel,

My first tip is to be online. Next is to make your gigs eye catching and meaningful. And of course marketing is there too. Don’t give up hope. Need patience!


Experts! Help me to improve my GIGs