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Can you give your honest reviews about my gigs?

Please take a look at them and give me honest reviews!

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Both have great description image video titles suit well you might get your orders soon :slight_smile:

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both gigs appears great buddy

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thank you buddy, means a lot. And I hope i get my first order :slight_smile:
How are you doing on fiverr, btw?


Even im not so experienced enough im learning everyday and its been 45days and i completed 12 Orders and working on 13th.

how did you get your first order?

you have to apply lot of buyer req

i got first order after 85 buyer request
please have alook. why my gig is removed from searches

Fiverr is giving chances to newsellers as well nowadays i think thats one of a reason for your gig not to display .
your gig looks professional

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