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Can You Guys Help Me With My GiG it's Not Getting Any Sells πŸ˜”

My Fiverr Gig is getting views and clicks but no orders.
My Gig:


You’ve only been here for less than 3 days, calm down. Sales will comes if you work hard and wait, but they are not going to float to you on a silver platter

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How much time did it take for you to get your first order

It took ME 3 days, as I was active in searching for clients and sell a type of gig that has a larger market than you. For many people, getting that first sale can take weeks, even months. But you have to work hard for your sales in the beginning.

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Ok Thanks For The information any tips from you will be great

You just got to keep at it. I’ve been a member on Fiverr now since October 2017, and I’ve only had 14 reviews. Lucky enough for me, they’ve been high paying jobs and have had them purchase more services outside of the marketplace. The key is to just stick at it. And when applying to Buyer Requests, don’t just copy and paste - people hate that. Just type a few lines what you can do and how you would love more details.

Don’t give up, keep at it and I’m sure it will work out in the long run. Best of luck!

Ok I Will Make Sure To Stick To It Because I do really enjoy editing images in Photoshop and by the way thank you for the motivation it means a lot