Can you guys review my gig and tell how I can improve?


Hello there. My name is Shinan. I am kind of new to fiverr but I’ve been on other marketplaces like 99designs.

I have recently created a gig here and would like to know if its ready to sell, or if you have any kind of suggestions/tips - that would be greatly appreciated.

Link to my gig:

Thanks so much in advance.


Hi Shinan,
Gig looks great and prices seem fair.
But . . . since you joined fiverr in May + still don’t have reviews or levels + your prices are $55 - $165, my suggestion is this:
Create a few more gigs, where you can offer your other skills/work that will take you just 15 - 30 minutes to complete. Set the price at $5.
Once you have a lot of 5 star reviews + level 2, I believe the gig you have now will start to take off.

Best of luck and enjoy the process. :slight_smile:
May :panda_face:


Thanks so much for the reply May.

I’ll get around to do that. I guess perhaps I should offer my logo design services? For 5$?

I was getting a little worried eheh. Cause the gig’s been up for a couple of hours now and I still have all zeros in my statistics.

Thanks again.


One more thing - do you think I should reduce my prices down a bit?

  1. A couple of hours??
    Wait 6 months and then start to worry. But first create as many gigs as you can (as a newbie I think you have 7 gig limit). Of course I mean offer gigs that you know you can do flawlessly. Promote your gigs on social media/ur website/etc.
  2. Prices - take a few hours to see what others are charging, and charge much less till you get level 2.
  3. My number one tip–Put yourself in a customer’s shoes: everything will be clear to you once u do. :slight_smile:


Thanks this has been really useful.