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Can you guys suggest i am new on fiverr

Hello !
Hope you all are doing good !
Please give me some suggestion how can i get my first Order?

i highly appreciated if you guys can provide?

Thankyou !


Check your gig images and gig text. do a research on what to show and what to write and then update both. this will help. The more research you do, the more chances you will have to get the first order.
Reduce the price in start. start with a $5 gig. Respond to customer query in the first 1 min whenever possible.

Thank you !
Sir i did all things what was you suggest but unfortunately i didn’t get order yet.

Then its patience and consistency. I didn’t get my first order for 6 months.
And there is no end to research. keep doing it and try to differentiate. My friend just started on fiverr, researched for gig descriptions and details for 2 weeks. then started the profile, got first order is 1 week.
Always keep logging into fiverr to check. try and get your gig on first page

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Check out posts people have written on this in the past!

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