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Can you hear this video


I did a whiteboard animation for a client with a voice over and the client said she could not hear the audio. However, I can hear the audio fine on my computer. It is one of those situations where I can’t duplicate the problem. If it works fine on my end how I can I fix it unless I’m having the same problem?

Below is the video. I would appreciate if you would comment if you can hear the audio (voice over) on your computer or not?


Sounds fine on my machines. Nice work!

Have you tried sending the YT video you uploaded to the client? Or is that how you initially sent it? It might have changed the format and they may be able to hear it now. I hear it just fine.

Thank you. It is nice to know at least one person was willing to help me out. I did send the client the video in mp4 format. They said they could not hear the audio but I could hear it fine on my computer. A problem I could not solve unless I could duplicate it. So my next move was to post the video here on the forum to see if other people could hear it and I at least had some evidence that others could hear the video besides myself.

Thanks again for your support and reply.

Tell the buyer to turn his or her volume on, because it’s perfectly fine! The problem is on their end.

Sometimes my grandma calls me to say her computer is broken and won’t turn on, so I tell her to plug it in :stuck_out_tongue:

You should send this thread to your buyer.

I can hear it fine. The problem is on the buyer’s end.

Hope he/she can fix the problem so you can get good feedback for your work.