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Can you help me from costumer support please?

i was buy gig 400 dollar and she cant deliver my order and now she says give me 130 dollar i will give you your 400 dollar please help me i will give you screenshoot what we talk and whats the order

thank you

Reply to @kjblynx: thank you

Just Contact to support they will help you in this.

Just contact customer support and ask for a refund. I am not sure why the seller offered you $130, do not contact sellers outside of the fiverr system or let someone give you money.

Also, just so you know you may only receive the refund in the form of Fiverr credits, so that way you can just buy another gig from someone else. Be sure to always email someone before you buy and work things out. What did you order that was $400 and that they cannot complete for you? I can understand sometimes a seller may go over in terms of time, they need more time to finish but if they can’t actually do the job that’s a whole different story.

Let us know how it turns out.

the seller does not cancel order i sent to customer support but still no have answer

Reply to @jokesforyou: if the Seller rejected the cancellation, I’d request it again while you are waiting to hear back from Customer Support. This sounds like potential fraudulent behavior. They’ll definitely have your back - just be sure to provide them with screenshots so they can easily see what’s going on.

Reply to @sincere18: quick correction - for those who don’t know, you might want to clarify what you mean by “email” before you buy. I think you meant to write “message,” but not everyone here (especially newbies) will realize that :slight_smile:

Could always complain with credit card company if you paid by credit card, etc. They will give you your money back, must have written proof though which you say that you do and that is all the credit cards need.

Reply to @tammylynn36: no but for what is administration i send them all with screenshot proof

Reply to @david388: she don’t canceling

Reply to @jokesforyou: did you get a reply back from Fiverr customer support yet? I would wait until you hear back from them.

Reply to @sincere18: no

i send to costumer support all proofs with screenshoot

Reply to @sincere18: i can send you all screenshots

Reply to @jokesforyou: no, don’t sent it to me, you should just wait to hear back from Customer Support first.

What did the seller tell you about why they can not deliver your work?

Reply to @sincere18: i can send you all screenshots what we talk what i order why she want to cancel give me mail i will send you

Reply to @sincere18:

Reply to @jokesforyou: It is against the rules of Fiverr to give out any emails, so do not do that or ask anyone for that.

What kind of gig did you order? Did you make an order for someone to make you a website? Make you a video? Edit a book for you? Paint a picture?

Reply to @sincere18: i get my money back but how can i withdraw now?