Can you help me improve my gigs? I have no sales



I have 2 gigs. Each of them has about 150 impressions but still no sales.
Can anyone help me improve my description ??

I’m not actually sure what’s so wrong.


hey ! welcome to fiverr ! well , your gigs looks so awesome i personally find them very good . but it seems like new and as a newbie it might take some time . try offering gigs through "buyer’s request " section . you will have to have patience for a while and if you want you can check out gigs of other people selling same thing as you so you will get the idea about market and price .


My thoughts as a buyer, others might think differently. Overall there’s nothing horrible. The English is decent, and the descriptions are helpful. Here are some suggestions for things that would make me hesitant to go with a new seller:

  • Add something about you and your experience in the description. Do you have a background in design? Have you worked on other projects? Why are you interested in this? How does your music play a role, and why don’t you have music related gigs with a name like music_77?

  • The cartoon effect: I would take out the third sample picture, the shading around her chin & cheeks gives it more of a sinister look than a cartoon one. Add a couple of photos that are different, a landscape, a city or anything else besides a portrait (unless you only want to do portraits) Can you do more than one style of cartoon effect? If you can make the same photo look different, then make a sample showing some more options. Then you could also update the gig to allow a choice of styles, maybe background effects/dimming or changing the photo shapes too? If you expand what you can do, then you can add a second level of gig. People tend to respond better when they get to choose from multiple options over only having one to chose from.

  • The photo quotes: Change your title. This can be used for many things besides instagram so don’t limit yourself. Something more generic like “I will beautifully display your quotes on a photo” Then in the description include some ideas of how this could be used: Facebook, website, instagram and others. Change every ‘posts’ to ‘photos’ or ‘pictures’ Create some samples with different styles. Use a different style of background and a different font. Maybe change where on the photo the text is. If you can do something where the text is in the corner and goes across the top and then part way down the side, it would show that you can do more than just slap some words over a photo. Create a couple where the size, style or color of specific words change to emphasize them.
    Then go back and add a $10 and $20 gig. Something like this (although it’s just a rough idea) The $5 for a basic quote centered over a random picture $10 allows them to pick the picture style (landscape, beach, city, tree, etc) or allows them to submit one. Let them choose a font color and style (from a defined set that you will provide - you could even create an image showing the various font styles) The $20 package includes 2 or 3 variations of every quote. It also includes the option to emphasize words with style or color or to make the words run vertically, around corners, etc. And each package includes more images that you will deliver and more options on how you will deliver it.
    The second sample picture bothers me because you have a quote about a new day over what appears to be a sunset. It would make me question if you are going to put any thought into the picture you chose. The last line of the description is the only English issue, it should be something like: Each image will have a randomly chosen nice background (aka: ‘will have’ instead of ‘is having’) but you really should consider taking the ‘random’ out, it makes it sound like you will not put any thought into it. Just change it to ‘I will choose a nice background for each image’ and I would include the may be delivered faster comment on your other gig as well.

That’s all I have, good luck!


Promote your GIG on social media and also send buyer request.


thanks for the replies