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Can you help me in an order?

Good morning all, I am new in fiverr forum. Can you help me to get an order in fiverr? I am a web designer and developer. Also a graphic designer. Profile link :
Thank in advance.


How exactly do you want us to help you?

You already created 5 topics. @uk1000 gave you good tips on how to improve your profile not taking into account other people. Other person asked you questions to be able to help you which you successfully ignored.

So how exactly do you want us to help you to get orders?


I already completed all the things in my account, but didn’t get any order yet. What should I do to get an order?

«completing things» in your account doesn’t mean that you will get orders.

I really don’t like this question “what should I do?”
No one can tell you what you should do. YOU need to find your own formula, YOU need to make a market research, find your target audience, to understand if your offer match their expectations etc etc. We can not tell you what you need to do to get order, because you will have to test a lot of things to see which ones will work exactly for you.


OK. Thanks for your valuable words.

Totally agree with you @mariashtelle1. We have to find our targeted audience. Then only we can grow. Here we are not to help in getting orders. We can make suggestions here.

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