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Can you help me out a bit?

I have three gigs, each with over 100 impressions. Yet, not a single sale has come in (one cancelled). If you can check them out and tell me anything to change I would appreciate it!

With whatever I learnt here so far:

a) Buyers prefer uniqueness in service and quality of service. They also prefer prompt and regular communication.

b) Buyers prefer someone who has more +ve reviews. This hurdle has to be faced by all newbies here. But its a matter of time, nothing to worry, as long as you offer quality services and can present them the best way here.

c) Your writeup sounds more generic. Don’t go by what others write.

You write your gig in your own words. Who else knows what you are and what you can do, better than you?

d) When you have time, get the images or video for each gig done professionally, as per your specifications. That adds to gig uniqueness.

Hope these help you get started.

Reply to @consultantindia: Thanks for the tips. I got my first order yesterday via Twitter, he left a positive review! Hopefully sales will take off soon.


Improving gig writeups would also help. Look around and check out how top sellers write their gigs.

Impressions are irrelevant if they aren’t specifically optimized for your particular gig. For all you know those impressions could have been made on a keyword not at all relevant to your gig. Other cases is the fact that the impressions aren’t exactly accurate. Bugged to be exact, and on top of that your gig might have been in a pile of others on an extremely broad keyword. Let’s say you were found on the keyword SEO however so was 20+ other gigs and maybe your gig didn’t stand out enough?