Can You Help Me Provide a Great Resource for Everyone Who Wants to Make Their Gigs Better?


I’m working with Fiverr to create a blog post that gathers together the best tips and advice for sellers (existing and new) to help them optimize their gigs for sales, and I need your help.

I will be creating a guide to the most effective things sellers can do to create good-looking, high-performing gigs. The idea is that the post will be something we can refer people to when we get the perpetual question “how can I get more sales?”

I will be basing the guide partly on this post of mine:

But I am aware this isn’t a complete list. So if you have any practical tips on smart things sellers can do to optimize their gigs, please post them below and I’ll get them into the post. Please feel free to include other useful forum threads and I’ll review them in the writing process.

Please also let me know if you’d like credit in the article (just post that you would, and I will include a shout out to you - include your Fiverr profile link as well - I can’t guarantee Fiverr will put that in the article, but I will try! )


Mod Note: You do not need to post your gig link in this thread. If you ask for a “shout out” Paul can check your profile.


The questions will not be less, because those who post them will not take the time to read the blog post. They are not even willing to browse through the forum to read answers that have already been given to exactly the same question.
What they want is that in a magic way someone casts does all the work for them.
Only people who actually don’t necessarily need it will be the ones who read it.


This is true - but we can then include a link to the blog article to all of these requests for help - they will still come, but even if this reduces the deluge by 10%, it is still less work for the regular forum users.


This will do as little as all the links to other topics of the same sort, that are now included in the replies.
The threats won’t go away or get any shorter. As soon as somebody asks the question, a ton of blinds will start to lead the blinds in order to make themselves feel better. This is just how it is.

I just filtered out the ‘Tips for sellers’ category. I seen this as the only remedy.

For the most part I stay away from the forum altogether. If one wants to make money, the forum is only a procrastination tool and of totally no gain. It’s just amusement so now and then.