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Can you help me stop being fooled by scammy sellers?

you can help me stop being fooled by scammy sellers who ask me to leave Fiverr or accept offers, only to ask me 10 times as much?

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Hi. I’m sorry to learn you’ve encountered something that disappoints you. Can you, however, be a bit more specific to let us know what has happened?

There have been a few of these threads recently. Please read them.

Simply put these places (not just here) are full of people who believe that operating on unequal terms makes them clever or powerful. Dealing with those only makes you a victim, usually of your own greed or desperation - which they greatly encourage.

Talk to people before you do business. If they seem remotely clueless (and unwilling to learn) or shifty in anyway. Close that door (and lock it with a Block if necessary). If you get into a contract and suddenly terms shift then Cancel immediately.

Sad overall but as long as these people get away with what they do, they will multiply.

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On Fiverr, buyers generally are in a more powerful position than sellers.

Buyers choose with whom to engage with, establish the scope of an order, and can seek alternative sellers if the price is unreasonable to them. The buyer has the ultimate say on whether to place an order or not, and a seller can only react by completing the order, or contesting and trying to cancel the order, which still harms them in the end.

Do you mean they ask you to conduct business off-site of Fiverr with them?

If a seller’s price is ten times more than what was expected yet the scope of the order is the same as the smaller listed price, then that’s a blaring warning sign that you wouldn’t want to conduct business with that seller anyway.

There’s an art to sniffing out shady/scammy sellers, and there are indeed telltale patterns of pricing, gig description, services promised, and behavior during communication that give away their deceptive nature.

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REPORT each and EVERY one of them!!! While I am sure it would be annoying that you have to even deal with them to begin with, if you want to rid the site of scammy sellers like you mention, you have to also take an active role. If someone asks you to go to their site or pay you offsite etc, REPORT their conversation with you - there is a link in the message box above the messages to report - and Fiverr will ban their accounts.

It can be hard to decipher which sellers may try these tricks on you - but, I would imagine some who are charging pennies for a service that should cost way more may be that type. Hard to say as there is probably not a “type” who will pull these maneuvers. Doesn’t matter what country they are from, what gender, or how long they have been a seller - anyone can be a scammer!