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Can you help Me to check My gig issues please

I have searched my all gigs from first page to last page in fiverr search results but my gig doesn’t appear in search results. I have contacted CS but i’m not getting reply from them. I’m totally disappointed, I’m not sure what’s happening. :neutral_face:
If you type my gig title or url in search bar you’ll see nothing is found. :cry:

So Any expert top guys could you help me to check what’s my gig issues and why my all gig doesn’t appear in fiverr search results page. :disappointed_relieved:


It shows in the search page (last of 3 pages) if you search for that title (excluding “I will”) and filter by quite a few things (price, level, location, category etc.).


These articles may help you get a bit more traction on your profile/gigs: .


Thank you so much for the help. If I searched based on these criteria (price, level, location, category etc.) then i found my gig in last 3 pages. Could you tell if I exclude location then I didn’t find my gig in search. What’s the issues?

Thank you so much for these details helpful tips.

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It might just be too many gigs in that category and Fiverr only allowing users to see up to around page 20. Though really Fiverr should show them in a better order if you’ve searched by title. There’s something wrong with their sorting/ordering/filtering really if someone searched by your gig title and it would show it after page 20 even though your gig would be a lot closer match than others shown.


Thank you so much for the review. I thought this reasons might be for fiverr bug that’s why it’s happening and I have contacted CS but they didn’t reply me. This gig was my best selling gig and good impression but now for their automated system my gig impression is zero. As usual for the worst performing gig loose rank but without any reason suddenly my gig just disappeared from fiverr search. :cry: :disappointed_relieved: