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Can you help me with my gigs?

Hello! I’m Gergely. Or Gregory. Or just plain ol’ Greg. :smiley: I am a translator and a new seller. I have 3 gigs, but I don’t know how to improve or tweak them so I could have some orders. :slight_smile:
Can anyone help me, please? Thank you. :smiley:
These are my gigs:

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i just checked your GIG your description is accurate and sharp just one think make a border around your photos without border they look so dull boring and one think re take your photo from good angle and be creative in taking good photos. your photos didn’t seem appropriate it look like little lazy ask someone to click your photo while sitting on desk rest i found everything perfect you will soon get order

All right! Thank you very much for your answer.

Thank you for your help. Is there anything else I can do to improve my 3 gigs? Should I change the pricing, maybe? What else could I do?

Hi there @gergely1984, Greg, Gergely or Gregory. :joy: Welcome to the Forum. Muhahaha we seem to have the same problem. My friends can not decide whether to call me, Hum, Humba or Humberto. My sister, for example, calls me always Humpie, which is hilarious!! Uhm, don’t mind me, welcome to the big loving family and glad you’ve joined us. :rofl: Wish you all the best !!

Ohw I just checked your Gigs and these image with flag looks awful. Maybe change it to a slightly smaller flags with an amazing background? Also, I would suggest to add a smiley you on the images (it always works :smiley:).Good luck!!

Warmly Humberto

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Oh. :smiley: All right, Humberto. Yes, looks like we have the same problem. :slight_smile:

Okay, I will try all these tips you have mentioned. Thank you very much. I am glad to have joined this big, loving family. :smiley:


Hi! How are you all? I need some help… Again. :slight_smile:

I tried to upload a different profile photo and smaller flags, as you have suggested. The problem is, when I upload the profile photo, I can’t edit/crop or move it in any way. It just uploads, but not in a good way. :slight_smile: Only the upper half of my face can be seen…
And the flags… It says that the pixel size is too small… What do do? Can anyone help me, please? Thanks a million.