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Can you help my check my new Gig?

Hi guys,

I’m new around here, just started selling stuff.

I made a new 3D logo’s Gig.

I think the text is bit poor,

can anyone check it for me and give some tips?

Thank You :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome.

Your gigs are in a crowded and competitive niche.

  • Bio profile. Add your education, qualifications, honors, awards.
  • Gig descriptions. Explain EXACTLY what the offer is & what the Buyer gets.

    Good luck!


the text is indeed a bit poor. Write what exactly you will do, and especially what you won´t do. This ensures that you won´t get one of that customers that wants a full hand-textured 3D-Scenery with perfect 3-Point-Light setup (and 20 revisions) for 5$ because you said you can "add light effects and more"

A good idea is to use bullet lists to avoid wall of texts.

Also keep an eye on what customers ask you. A lot of questions are asked because the description misses something (or wasn´t read properly cought) You probably will work over the description a couple of times, at least I did.



Hello Sir, Would you please take a look at my gig? I am a bit exhausted of checking my emails, logging into my account, and tweaking my gig. But it seems that I am not getting anything. Though I have got 128 hits and 2 messages over the last 20 days, but no sales. I sometimes think of quiting though.:stuck_out_tongue:

Reply to @technoaholic:

You have a highly specialized niche gig.

  • Try testing some different tags.
  • Chill out with all the bold and Yellow in your Gig Description.
  • Promote your gig where ebook authors hangout.

    I would loose the piano music under your video and add a voice over that explains what your Offer is and what the Buyer gets. And your video could be 20 seconds longer and contain more selling information (both visually and with voice over).

    Have patience and good luck!


Thanks sir for your kind information. The problem is I am not a Photoshop expert or a video maker. Honestly I don’t have any credit cards to buy some video or voiceover gig here as I can’t do it myself. It would have been better If I could start here first and gather some revenues and then buy some gigs to make my gig look better. But still I would try my level best to make it better.

Reply to @technoaholic:

I understand. :slight_smile:

Agree with @wackytoaster!

@voiceoverwork Sir, Can you please have look at my gig and provide some suggestions to make it better?

I got sales from two buyers up till now. Both loved my work. But unfortunately I have been unable to get more buyers for that gig.

Is my gig unique enough to sell more on Fiverr?




  1. Add 2 more tags. Since typography is in your title, you could add that to your tags. And how about “poster”, since that is in your title.

  2. Your gig is in the “BUSINESS / BRANDING SERVICES”. Doesn’t seem like a good fit to me. A lot of your competition is in “GRAPHICS & DESIGN / ILLUSTRATION” which may be a better category. But IDK. You should test it.

  3. Your bio profile needs help. What are your credentials? Education? What makes you special. It’s not enough to say you’re “Best in Market”. What does that even mean? Don’t say it, show it, prove it.

    Good luck! :slight_smile:

Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thank You dear. :slight_smile: