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Can you help with this?

Can you help with this feedback ?

Any idea ?

I don’t believe you’re supposed to show usernames here. However, I’ve worked with this particular buyer and found him to be pleasant and easy to work with. My guess is that there is an issue with communication here. Maybe he was expecting something different? I can’t see your videos, so there’s no real way to know if you made the changes he asked for.

@jtengle Videos

@madmoo buyer not respond

Before :

After :


On the plus side, I like your videos. I may have to buy one.

"Fiverr support helped me with negative feedback"

I have 4 years on fiverr.
I have delivered +2000 orders here.
1.1 K positive feedback and 3 negative.

Last days i have got 2 negative feedback without reason by one customer.

I have contact fiverr support to remove feedback or cancel order.

Fiverr support CANCEL order and NOT REMOVED FEEDBACK.

Thank you fiverr support because i work for free and i will keep negative feedback and an not really negative comment.

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I checked your gigs and do not see that feedback unless the negative one you got changed what they wrote, or maybe by now customer support did in fact remove that one.

I had a look earlier today (or yesterday, I can’t remember) and it was there, so I guess CS removed it. It was like the very top of whatever gig it was and also on that latest gig reviews thingy (?) on their profile. So yeah, guess it was resolved.

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Now Customer Support removed only one feedback.
I really not understand what happened with fiverr.

What have said buyer after the first order :

I have 4 yard on fiverr and work 24/24.I have delivered more of 2000 orders 1.1K positive feedback and only 3 negative.
I have refund it $30 and i fiverr Customer Support not cancel feedback.

“…but let’s treat each other well”

<Theme to Jaws intensifies>. You forgot to delete the name in the second message, btw (this will lead to the image being deleted, again. Where were you unprofessional? That may be the key, here.

"Where were you unprofessional? That may be the key, here. "

you can see the third video.

I was thinking more your responses. I’m not suggesting that you were unprofessional–you may have said something that the buyer felt was unprofessional, for example.

Fiverr’s video client is far too slow for my internet, and your YT videos are set to private. That said, my reaction is likely to be a shrug, since the complaint of the review isn’t so much the video, but the “experience”. You were “inhumane” and “insensitive”–yikes! I’d put it down to angry talk myself, but you must have said something? I mean, those are strong words to use. Again, you may not have been unprofessional–just a case of words chosen that transformed a meek buyer into the Incredible Hulk, or something.

I’m able to see the videos and they all are about the same speed. The hand only has so many seconds to draw the logo so that limits how it looks and the speed it draws. It’s not a fault of the seller in this case if the logo is more elaborate and has to be sped up while drawing. I only see one negative feedback and it sounds angry and abusive. My opinion is that it will not cause any harm to your sales. People can see exactly what they will get and see that you have a great history of doing good work. It is obvious that one buyer has a problem since he did not say anything specific about what he got from you, just a general statement advising people not to hire you. I think most people will ignore that.