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"Can you pay me more"

Is there any normality to someone accepting a Gig and then asking for moe money?

Please clarify.

Are you saying seller sent you a custom offer than jacked up the price, asking for more?

If you had prediscussed it and did NOT change the requirement, then the seller is in the wrong. It’s call bait and switch - I think. Cancel by contacting customer support. Sellers like those will milk you for every penny and deliver poor work.

On the other hand, did you change requirement on the seller? Are you asking for something different? If so, then to put it bluntly, “pay up!” Seller quoted you on what you requested, even minor changes can be a ton of work.


I have been asked by the buyer if I would take less for a custom offer.

I’ve actually had more than one buyer ask me if I would be willing to complete a $100 order for only $5, because, as they always tell me, “I love your services, you are an awesome seller, but I only have $5 to spend. Can you lower your price… just for me?”

I laugh inwardly, roll my eyes, and politely decline. :wink:


I am learning. :relieved:


I’ve had the usual can you do a $50 job for $5, I have a small budget, I’ll make sure to pay you more in the future when I have more money, I can’t pay but I want to order from you etc etc but the “just for me” hasn’t happened to me yet.

I know I’m sounding mean, but I wonder what makes them think that I’ll be willing to make an exception for them…:roll_eyes:


I think it’s an entitlement thing… and a genuine belief that if they butter you/us up enough (and express false platitudes), that we’ll agree to their request and they’ll get what they want for almost nothing.


I never changed the requirement, the work was delivered and it was poor. But even before it was delivered, they asked if i could do them a favor and increase the price…so wrong on many fronts.

Im the buyer, the seller asked me to do them a favor and increase the price…

I’ve been there.

If they failed to deliver what was promised, then you have to (1) dispute - resolution, if seller declined, then (2) send screen shots of conversation to customer support for a forced cancellation.

It’s a headache and will take time. Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Don’t try that unless you think you’re putting in more work that arranged between the seller and you, like revisions, or additional things they happened to mention only after you’ve quoted and they’ve purchased the gig.

Kindly ask for a little extra due to extra revisions or work they just didn’t mention before, that’s the key. make sure you quote only for what they’re asking at first, in case they come up with more things once the order is already running.

Hope this helps!

Seems to be a lot of that lately. I’ll quote for a VO, then they ask can I get it sooner, and after I tell them yes but for a fee, they want to pay me $5 for the $100 rush delivery option. I think fiverr has launched an ad campaign in some countries where it is customary to haggle over price on most transactions.


I’m going through this right now, the client ordered me a job of $ 5, but wants a finish of $ 40 is very annoying, I have already 3 days talking with support and is almost solved, you have to have patience.

Yeah. That haggling mindset common to those countries annoys me to no end. My services and the time that I have to complete those services, cost what they do for a reason. I know haggling is commonplace in those countries, but I find it offensive in most cases, because they usually try to low-ball me to the extreme, and that’s not appropriate, or fair.


Agree, I can’t tell you how many times I’ll quote them a price and they’ll respond “That’s too expensive.” It’s all I can do to be nice and just stop responding.

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Compliments totally work on me.

Alright. You’re so pretty. I like your hair. Will you do projects for me… for free?

Pretty please! :smiley: :wink: