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Can you please check my gig for improvements?

Hello! I recently created a gig, impressions and clicks are low, I am wondering what I am doing wrong, here is my gig

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You could check your price compared to others. eg. in the same category at the top there’s a gig creating 10 page sites for $300 while yours is $800. Though if yours is a lot better you could show that/what makes it better. eg. show example images/video of websites you can create. You could also use packages for sites with different numbers of pages.

I don’t think saying “I am available 24/7 consultation” helps.

thank you, I will make the necessary changes.

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What? You have suddenly decided to reduce the cost of your service by $500 / approximately two thirds? That sounds like a very haphazard approach to pricing!

Understand the value of your service. Understand where your skills sit in the marketplace - and then, and only then commit to a pricing structure.

thanks for the advice