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Can You Please Give me a Review of my Gig? No Order Yet, Need Your Help

Hello Beautifull People,
Today, I created a gig & I was Confused about my Gig image, description, and price. I request to you, and please give me an advice how can I get an order.
My Gig Link:

Thank You

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Have you read this yet? Fiverr Help and Education Center

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Yes, I read, and I am also confusing the image size. I used 550 * 370, but The Image didn’t fit in my gig.

That’s the minimum size. Try 1100x740, but leave a margin. I shared that link because your images are too busy and don’t scale well.

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Nobody can help you get an order. you have to market yourself and fiverr will give you a boost in the search result. I answer with my own thought because I’m in the marketplace and don’t have an order yet.
Listen I’m not an expert in building a gig but I remark something in your gig that you can improve. The value of each plan has to ascend that means your premium has to complete the standard and the standard has to complete the basic.

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@imagination7413 Thank You. I am trying to change the image.

@genelmontas Thank You for you good advice. Can you give me some idea about marketing?

@shahariar7days you can start promoting your offer on your social media

In the main gig image it says “WODPRESS SITE” instead of “WORDPRESS SITE”.

In the basic package description it says “WordPress/them/plugin” - I assume you mean “theme” instead of “them”.