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Can you please give me some valuable suggestions about my gig?

Hi, I’ve been working on Fiverr since 4 weeks ago, I got a lot of views and impressions. I even got 2 orders and 2 five star review, I’m glad to see it. But how can I reach more people and how can I make more money? Leave some suggestions, please.
Also, if I have some problems with my gig, give me some advice too, thanks.
Here is my gig, check it out:


Hello there, I am new here. Nice to see your character illustrations. You are skilled, no doubt! Can you please share how you got your first order, was it due to sharing of your gigs on social platforms or was it just that you waited and somebody posted the order on your gig?

Well in my opinion, you should share your gig a lot. That is the only best way (that I know) to get more orders).

All the best!


thank you for you advice.You can send your buyer request daily, you’ll get some orders!

Best wishes :slight_smile:

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For some reason, I am not able to see my “buyer request”. After spending some time on Fiverr and reading the articles/posts, I came to the conclusion that I need to optimize the gig tags. I will do that soon. Thanks a bunch, @xxxukeee for your advice! :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, hope everything will be fine.

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Awesome! First two and last two image are fine. But third one is so simple you can attach some other image It is my view.

Haha, thank you so much

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Leave more advice (please)

I like your samples, your style is already defined. Have you included key words? Try doing SEO optimization. Search in the forum the threads about SEO optimization (the most reliable ones!).

And be patient.

Good luck

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My tip is to don’t make all of your gig description bold. Use bold only for most important informations or list names. :slight_smile:

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Is it cost any money?

Thanks for your advice :)!!

No, you can do it yourself. Its about writing a good description, chosing the right search keywords etc. Search here on the forum, there are a lot good advices.

But then again, you can always buy a gig here on fiverr from some SEO expert :grinning:
I am more for the Do It Yourself approach.

Okay, I’ll try to use it.

All opinion is good for you. You should to try every techniques.

My opinion is you need to take some skill test for your career. Remember, its not only your profile its your career.

Also be patient.

That sounds nice, I don’t know if I can pass these test

Not quite sure about that. They wont help you rank better in my opinion. They will earn you a slightly better credibility in front of the client. And then again, not every buyer is checking that.

Can SEO make me rank better?

Yes SEO will improve your ranking, if done properly