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Can you please help me why i'm not getting orders?

hey @itshuzaifazubai
Buyer requests wont show so soon you must become a little older on fiverr to see buyer requests the more time you spend here the more buyer requests will appear
dont think you will get orders soon or just as you join fiverr it takes a lot of time and patience
I have not got orders past 2 months yet other didnt get orders past 8 years no joke
Patience is key also try making changes to your gig and see if it works
Bte your link is not opening to your gig its showing me home screen
Try your best you will get orders soon :slight_smile:

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thank q for your valueable answer

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no problem
just ait some time and you will slowly get buyers

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okeyyy working on it hope i get my first order fast

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patience bro
if you come to fiverr thnking that you will get orders soon then fiverr may not be suitable for you
change your mindset and think on the long run
make sure you mkae your gig perfect

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my gig is perfect and attractive

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=> Make an attractive gig thumbnail image that will attract clients to buy your gig.

=> Always try to login Fiverr apps or PC so that buyers can easily find who is online now and it will increase the chances to get a sale.

=> And Finally send buyer request daily with an excellent cover letter. As…

All the best. :heartpulse:

@itshuzaifazubai Hope it will be helpful.

Improve your skills and share your gigs in social media…

@zionne Try sending 10 buyer requests daily and sharing your gig on social media :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hey ,please tell me how to send buyer request

@zionne kwa your dashboard, click “more”, then “buyer requests”. If nothing is listed, keep refreshing zitakam tu :smiley:

Hope zikuje soon

@zionne They will. Be patient. Since Mar 2019 hujaget any? I see you been here long

yes Am already giving up

@zionne Dont. Keep trying

Thanks aki maybe ntaget soon

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@zionne check my gig. Almost miezi mbili tu, 2 orders only. Been sending buyer offers but sipati na sijagive up

@zionne kila la heri siz

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I checked your gig. It seems like it needs some revisions. The text in your gig video has many grammatical errors. Also, the voice is generated through some freeware software. So, I would suggest make another video because your current video might be fending off some buyers.