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Can you please help?!


Hi guys ,

I will really appreciate your help!!

Can you please Check my gig video and help me rate it on a scale of 1 to 10.

Just need you to tell me if it’s ok, or if it’s far below expectation .

It’s here @


It’s a good video. Some of the graphics ends up covering some of the text in the video though (eg. “To my special friend Jane”). Maybe some of the end placement graphics that make up the final graphic could be adjusted a bit so various things aren’t covered (eg. the present/text).

In the gig description it says “2 review offers.”. I think it might be clearer if it said something like “2 revisions”.


Cool gig. I think the gig is priced right, the description is detailed and the video on your profile is interesting.


Thank you very much @uk1000
I really appreciate you.
I will will edit the video and re-upload.
I will also edit the …
Thank you!
That’s so kind of you!!!


Thank you very much @psychicbunny