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Can you please look at my gig and advise me

Hi good folks, I have a gig on a not very popular category which is 3D modeling, well perhaps most of you don’t know much about this field of work but I still would appreciate some advice on whether or not my gig looks generally attractive, thank you!

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Your packages and description all state ‘low-poly’ but your example images are all high detail.

(Also, how did you come to the conclusion that 3D modeling isn’t popular?)

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Everything is OK If you fix some of your gig descriptions, I think you will succeed.

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Fair point, I should include photos of low poly stuff and maybe add that I do low and high.

Well I don’t mean like not popular at all or anything but I guess what I meant is that it’s not as popular on Fiverr as stuff like graphic design and things like that

10,000+ results for “3D modeling” says otherwise. Though, I suppose that is less than 10% of the 100,000 that comes back from searching the word “logo”. (Results for “graphic design” actually came back with about 1,000 less than 3D modeling.)
Could you please check my gig, this gig is not in the rank and can’t find in the search result