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Can you please review my gig?


I’ve been on fiverr for 9 days and looking forward to the first order. Please review my gig. I’ll appreciate any feedback, such as to improve my gig. Thank you in advance.


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Your gig looks fine.

I sugest You to do some research for Your title and key words.

And also I suggest You to add a picture with You composing a poem.

Is nice for a customer to see Your real artistic image.

Wish You luck to get Your first order a.s.a.p :slight_smile:


Please learn to be patient. You already made a post because your gigs were still in review and you couldn’t find them. Fiverr has millions of members and millions of gigs. Sometimes things take time!

The forums are full of hundreds and hundreds of excellent posts aimed at helping newcomers. Read Tips for Sellers and Fiverr FAQ. Use the forum search engine to find answers to ALL your questions.

By acting proactively, it shows that you are mature enough to solve your own problems and don’t need someone to teach you every little thing.

I would recommend highlighting key points in your description and to space it out a bit so it’s easier to read and looks like less.

Things I would say to highlight is things like “A high definition (HD) image” “your name and choice of subject” "delievered in the shortest time frame possible. You will own the rights to the poem when the purchase is complete!"

The main reason I say highlight them is because they are things that either the readers wants to know, or should be pointed out to tempt them more. :slight_smile: