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Can you please search my gigs for me?

Hi! I know my Topic’s title sounds so awkward… I really need your help.:frowning_face:
There’s a problem that I’ve been lately facing (for a couple of months) and Fiverr Customer Support is not able to satisfy me. My gigs do not appear on the search page when I search for their specific keyword.
2 of my gigs are related with the same category, when I search for keyword “video editing”, 1 of my gig used to appear on the search page and other did not. And now the 2nd one has also stopped appearing. I’ve also tried checking it using ignito mode but all in vain.
I want you people to search for “video editing” and tell me if you can see my gig on search page or not.
Here are the links to my both gigs (they will help you to easily identify my gigs):

Based on your replies, I’ll be able to ask CS to take serious actions to help me. Thank you so much!


I’ve tried, and it seems that the search shows only the Gigs that have those keywords in the title: the tags seem to be ignored.


I am facing the same problem : /

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Me too :cry: :cry: :cry:

Oh! I’m confused because it never happened to me before. My gigs used to appear in the searches before (when I typed this keyword).

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Try putting the words “video editing” in the “SEO title” field rather than in the “tag” field.