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Can you please share your honest opinion on my gig video and description

Please be as harsh as you need to be.

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In the video at 0:18 the word “I” is in lower case instead of upper case. Having unlimited revisions might lead to people asking for many of them, even after order completion.

How about the music selection and text for the video?

The music selection is good I think. Though you could create a poll with another selection if you wanted to see which people preferred. Maybe some sections could be longer or the whole video could be longer. Maybe it could show other visuals, eg. an extra window - maybe above or below the text eg. it could show visuals that match the style of music being played at each point (like the style of the music had been done to match what is shown in the visuals).

The only issue with the text in the video is the word “i” I think.

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good work :smiley::smiley::smiley::+1:

What kind of visuals would you want to see, just more of the process in creating music? Do people actually care about that when buying?

I wish the video could be longer but it’s at the maximum size. Might be able to get it longer if i reduced the visual quality.

No I meant that it could show something with the same theme/style as the music that was playing at that particular point, whether it was live action video or whatever.

Yeah that’s good advice but I’m just wondering on that front, what sort of thing would customers like to see?

Focus on making the visuals really pop and feature the text front stage or show the process from start to end clearly?