Can you please share your ideas


How to Maintain Response time, order completed, delivered on time , can you please share your ideas


Response time: Respond to the new messages asap.
Order completed: Keep your cancellations low.
Delivered on time: Don’t be late for the delivery.


Response time
Respond on new messages fast, for this install Fiverr’s App on Android/iOS.

Order completed
Avoid canceling of the orders, if you can’t do it leave it. Don’t go to just take the order.

Delivered on time
If you are having difficulty to deliver the gig/order on time then you can increase your delivery time (2 Days Recommended).


Keep actve online 24 hours Respond on new messages ASAP, for this install Fiverr’s App on Android/iOS.


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I have a question:
Does it mean that I need to answer only the Very First Question/Message asap? What about the following questions by the same person (buyer/seller)?


Yes, only the Very First Question/Message.
The rest of the conversations is not taken into account for your response time.


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