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Can you please write a review on my gig?

member since 2015.not receive even a single order till now.:disappointed:


What exactly have you been doing wrong? Although I think the easier question to answer would be what have you been doing right.

2 years with only 1 order is obviously a flaw on your part. Have you been advertising on social media? Have you been getting the word out there about your services? Are you focusing on keywords? Are you using decent English? Are you targeting a niche audience? Are you appealing to the more frugal demographic?

From a cursory glance:

  • Two of your Gigs appear to be providing the exact same service (“I will clean up your website bugs” and “I will fix your website bugs”).

  • Your use of English could be better.

  • I am hopefully wrong when I say this, but your images appear to be stock photos.

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