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Can You Prevent a Buyer from Purchasing Your Gig?


I had a buyer contact me, and from the “tone” of the conversation I just KNOW it’s going to go sideways. I looked up his buyer track record and it’s not good.

Is there a way to “black list” or prevent a buyer from purchasing your gig?


no best thing to do is simply mention to him you do not want his business then spam hi, it will block temporarily from contacting


Ah ha … thanks for the “spam” tip!


If you don’t want to work with a buyer, just tell them (worded nicely ofc). If the tone gets worse, just report them from your inbox. This will block them from contacting you.

However, when blocked, they can still order. If they place an order, you may need to put in a cancellation request but they are likely to get the hint.

Alternatively, you could just not reply and see if they get the hint.


Thanks @twistedweb123 The guy wasn’t rude, so saying he spammed is a bit extreme. Since blocking him from my inbox doesn’t prevent him from ordering, there seems little point in doing that.

I finally wrote back and said … “the additional services you are asking for is extra work for which I have to charge more.” Then I said "since you are negotiating with other vendors, I suggest you choose one of them."

I think that did the job because he hasn’t replied and hasn’t ordered.



For your “swipe” file…

“I really like your idea, however, at this time, I do not offer to do that service. Please be sure to input this keyword, [keyword] into the Fiverr search, and I am sure you will find what you’re looking for.

All the best,