Can you provide feedback on my gig?


Could you give tips on how to improve traffic and customers?


Sure… market and promote your gigs to the target customers that need your services. If you aren’t reaching out to these people, then you can’t really expect traffic or customers. People need to know about what you offer, and they need to feel confident that the services you offer can be the solution to their needs.

Orders do not happen by chance. They happen by good marketing.


I believe the gig itself is unique and some people would be interested, but I would like to see a clip of you busting out your moves to an actual opponent to see if you really have the skills. Seeing is believing! Just seeing a photo of a woman elbowing a man in the face is not convincing enough for me.

Also it says blog but I don’t see any blog links ( and I don’t think you are allowed to??).


Yea i think that’s why i’m not making sales. People need to see proof it works with actual performance.


Do you think having around 39 clicks and almost 90 views is good?


That depends upon your own personal success goals. Do YOU think 39 clicks and 90 views is a good thing?


It’d be good as long as i can make a sale. So far, i haven’t. I’ve been promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Quora, youtube, list goes on. Still no luck.