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Can you quit fiverr and return after a while?

is it possible to close your present account due to non performance with your real picture profile and come back after a few months for a new account

Fiverr will typically close an account on request. If it isn’t closed for rule-breaking, there is no reason you couldn’t open a new one. I am not sure why you would want to, though, unless you really hate your username. Aged accounts are often more popular with buyers. If you want to start fresh except for username you can just change your picture, delete your old gigs and make new ones. I went from a picture to a logo on mine and am re-vamping most of my gigs with no difficulty.

That’s what I did. I had an account in 2013, but ended up getting a few cancellations because of illness. I re-opened a new account several months later and got back to work.

Like fonthaunt said, as long as you haven’t broken any rules, Fiverr are cool with it.