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Can you rate our profile out of 10?

Profile Analytics:

Total Earnings
$20,000 Earned (About to be nominated for a TRS)

Total Completed Orders

Avg. Selling Price

Response Rate

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No Warnings

All-Time Rating 4.9
(129) 5 star
(3) 4 star
(1) 3 star
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(2) 1 star

You can check our gig for further review.

What I want?

  • I need you to rate our profile out of 10.
  • Suggestions of Improving it.
  • Rate Gig Description.
  • Rate Overall Performance.
  • Gig FAQ’s.
  • I know the Fiverr TOS process is manual and no one can make any assumptions of what would happen but what we would like to know, is our profile in good standing or not?

This message is not for advertising or so but just for the evaluation of our own profile and just to improve it more.

Thank you!


I’d give it a high score (I can’t think of an exact score).

My suggestions:
The first thing in the profile description mentions the name of the translations company but the profile name/image/description doesn’t mention that that is your company (though the gig image says the company name).

In the profile you say “Global Domination of EduCrux Translations is 47%” and in the gig description you say “We have made sales in 93 countries with a Global Domination of 47%”. If that’s the “world domination” figure from Fiverr’s analytics page I don’t think it’s really meaningful to put that your company has a global domination of 47%. I think really a global domination of 47% would be if your company was the market leader in 47% of countries/of the globe, not just selling to customers in 47% of countries.

Maybe a slightly higher English Basics test result could improve the profile.

This might be a fault of Fiverr but the list of languages translated could be simplified (eg. it says “English, English, Polish, Polish”). Maybe a .pdf table showing them might help.

The response time could be improved slightly (and since you also say 24/7 Customer Support).

You could compare your public stats with the stats of top rated sellers in your category to see how it compares. Though it will also depend on private stats (not just those shown).

The FAQs:
The bit that says “and the final product is sent to you on Fiverr or on Email”. Unless you have permission from Fiverr for the email bit I’d remove that.


Completely agreed with your recommendations.
Thank you!

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