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Can you read and articulate what the client wants?


This is from a real Request:
It is a simple exerciser to see if a designer could articulate what the client was looking for. It is based on a fifth grade reading level. Out of 15 designers not one of them have been able to reply correctly to this request.

I designed this after paying for three LOGO design that did not meet my ideal logo.

In order to be sure that I am choosing the best designer for my logo project, I am requesting that you read my attached branding style guide. Then tell me in your own words your thoughts and feelings toward this project.

I am looking for a designer with the passion and creative ability to “Blow my socks off!”

Let me know what you think.

Logo requirements:
Must exude “Old World Quality” and be representative of the craftsmanship of a Wood Artisan. Please read all of the style guide as it tells the story. I have paid for several logo designs but no one has been able to capture the feeling I am looking for. I need Quality, High Resolution and original designed craftsmanship. I do not want Stock looking, or “Logo Creator software” style. I am looking for “WOW factor” high quality original logo period…
Yes, I am picky and there will be revisions until I am satisfied that we have taken this idea as far as we can toward perfection.

What is Timber & Arches?
Wood is a special material, born of the Earth and nurtured by the rains. Even amidst the turmoil of our modern age, wood evokes a sense of romance and antiquity that transports us to a more elegant time. Dreams are best crafted with the finest materials, and Timber & Arches specializes in providing remarkable wood for all manner of passion projects. At Timber & Arches we are Wood Artisans. Being a Custom Sawyer, we have the ability to mill specialty woods to specific dimensions using a high tech thin kerf bandsaw mill. Timber & Arches can provide unique hard and soft wood lumber in made-to-order sizes such as wide tongue and grove flooring and shiplap siding. We are equipped to provide personalized molding, planning and laminating. One of our specialties is making Laminated Arches and another is working with Reclaimed Wood. Each piece of reclaimed wood is unique. It is the sum of its experiences, and it shows in ways both obvious and secretive. Possessed of a level of character and beauty rarely seen in wood produced by the modern lumber industry, reclaimed wood can tell the tale of its existence to those with the guile to comprehend it. Every knot, every groove, every variation in color has a story waiting to be discovered.
At Timber & Arches, we use old-world craftsmanship and artistry to celebrate aged wood’s past and prepare it for a dignified future. We pay special attention to the materials of our craft, embracing a deep commitment to ensuring reclaimed wood finds new purpose while preserving its character and intrinsic beauty. After we reclaim a piece of wood, we transform it into something amazing and give it a chance to be a part of your personal story. Bring us the lingering wisps of a dream, and we can translate that vision into reality.

Brand Vision
Timber & Arches as a Mobil Sawing and Milling operation will set the pace for new Urban Tree Recycling, “Treecycling” and Reclaimed Vintage Wood that will provide Sustainable Lumber and Laminated Wood Products for Our Local Communities.


I is native englis speekar, I is make you a nice table for 5$.


Kudos on a great descriptive brief because logos are sometimes hard to define you have done a great job articulating what your looking for. From an artist standpoint this gave me lots of interesting ideas , you will need to find some one who can take what you already see in your head and bring it to life. If you cannot find your go to artist in logos – ( I would ask for a mock up with a watermark if you wanted a test run before engaging services) try another category in the buyers requests it may open up opportunities for you. Good Luck with your venture and It was nice reading your brief that is well written :slight_smile:


I’ll read all of that for just $5.


This is quite subjective.

What you think is “Old world quality” might not be what the next person thinks it is.

Some examples of logos that you like or admire might help the designer to picture what you want.


As an experienced, high quality seller, albeit not of logos, I’m going to run a mile as soon as I see this.


Out of 15 designers not one of them have been able to reply correctly to this request.

That is because woodland elves are increasingly hard to find in the designer pool since the elves started to leave for the West (and even less of them will be browsing the Buyer Request posts).

Jokes aside, the client’s company is unique and elegant yet down to earth, modern and innovative yet rooted deep in nature and craftsman tradition and needs a logo that reflects that?
A pity I´m a translator and not a designer, sounds fun to do.


It should be noted:

  • There are over 33,000 gigs for logo design, testing a selected 15 is not really a great sample.
  • Logo design on Fiverr is the service that is most suggested by make money quick sites for those who have no skills.
  • Budget greatly determines who will respond to a request,
  • As @capitalquality says, that one line would put a lot of people off even reading the brief.
  • According to, this text has a reading level of 10.9, not 5.
    (A grade level (based on the USA education system) is equivalent to the number of years of education a person has had. A score of around 10-12 is roughly the reading level on completion of high school. Text to be read by the general public should aim for a grade level of around 8.)

Text at this level should be aimed at a native English speaker or someone who is fluent in it as a second language. The idea that your brief is adequate for most sellers to read is ridiculous. If you are choosing non-native speakers (due to price or their impressive portfolios) you should consider the possibility that they will use translation software to communicate. By writing in the manner you have, it is impossible for them to understand. I can only imagine what Google would make of this:

If you really want to get them to understand leave aside the dramatic language, use short, simple sentences and make it your aim for them to understand what you mean rather than your aim to be that you have a great way of describing your company to certain audiences.

I did some work for a branding company recently, translating some of their case studies. Within one of their case studies they showed the brief, the large amount of symbols, logos, samples, mock-ups, results of brainstorming with several members of the team etc. They didn’t say exactly the price but the 2 month project was in excess of 5 figures. I suggest that what you are looking for is a company like that, rather than people who make their main business from churning out 5 x $5 logos per day.


And I noted they often describe it as ‘passive income’…


It could be a lifetime’s work!



And now for the other side of the coin:

your essay is great and I had a great time reading it!

But you are here to design a logo. As a designer (a motion graphics one, but a designer nonetheless) I need to see:

-example logos and a brief explanation of why you picked them
-a color swatch, to get the overall tone of your brand
-font usage, again important
-a sentence or two about styles, existing designs used by the brand and big no-nos.

And the million dollar question:

is your budget up for the task at hand, and your search for perfection and nothing else? :slight_smile:

Have you considered going to an agency?


As you have asked for: This was a part of my original file that I up loaded. I had a limit to what i could post on this Forum.
It appears that the forum will not allow me to past my logo samples or font samples to this post but if anyone is really interested in my complete branding style guide I can email it to you.

Brand Colors
Core Colors

          Hex Code: #000000                Hex Code: #B1810B                     Hex Code #085c11
                     Black                                   Campus Gold                            Land-Grant Green             

Secondary Colors

                        Color code #6b4536          Color code # c76c14            Color code #ff9b1a
                       Oaken Bucket Brown              Bell Tower Brick                   Mackey Orange

Past Logo that just did not meet the desire and feel I was looking for.

…Not allowed to post images…

Design Elements


These are the style or feel I am looking for:
Not limited to these fonts, just here for examples of likes.

…Not allowed to post images…


Hi there!

Please don’t offer to email anything to a potential seller - it’s a surefire way to get both of you into trouble!

With all due respect, I think your requirements may be beyond what is offered on the Fiverr platform, and that’s with all due respect to anybody who sells logo design on here as well.

Maybe look at reducing your requirements to a short, bullet pointed list, as has been suggested, or look for a full blown branding agency.


Ahem!!! Your logo description is not fifth grade level. According to, it’s 10.9 (grade level). I believe the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level is the most widely used measure and your text scores 9.3 on that.

I suggest that since a logo is a visual thing, try providing visual samples, not text ones.