Can you really survive on Fiverr as a new seller?


Hello, my name is Joseph aka K24designs and I am a professional web developer and a Graphics designer as well.
I am here to render my services to potential client, and i will be happy if you give my Gig some LOVE:grinning:
I was wondering if I can actually make it on Fiverr as a new seller, if yes, what are the tips I can follow?
And also, if I complete 10 sales within 2 months of joining Fiverr, will I still earn the level 1 badge? All contribution will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance for helping a brother.


Yes of course you can survive, we all started out at zero sales. You have to work at it harder and give more for less money at the beginning, there is a lot of competition. Use buyers requests, and make sure your services are top quality and your gigs are immaculate. Think of it this way, you just opened a coffee shop on the corner, on the other 3 corners are Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Caribou coffee. Your move…


Welcome. Check out the for details about levels and much more information on how to become a successful seller on Fiverr. Also as you read through the forum you will find lots of tips.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I am also a new seller here.some worries are also in my mind that I can survive or not.
But hope for the best


Thanks for the advice


thanks for the motivation


Well I’m screwed then.


@maggiemoss Suggest you change your" English" under your profile description from Basic to Fluent and don’t give up so easily. Your last delivery was 7 days ago!
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


I was making a joke about being next to Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.


Outwit, outplay, outlast! :tropical_drink: :palm_tree:


Definitely! We all start out new, as Mike said. Eventually it will build into more sales, and as long as you continue to work on your gigs and update them every so often, you’ll continue to gain more sales. It takes time as does everything.


I tried searching for my username with the search bar, but Fiverr told me there is no one with the name. Does anyone have an idea why?

@newsmike @lloydsolutions


How long since you joined and made your gigs? Sometimes replication can take a little while.


every top rated seller, level 1 or level 2 was once a new buyer.

Nobody starts on the top.

BUT, unfortunately, I keep insisting to every seller open their eyes for fiverr search algorithm changes. IT’s too volatile for those who are looking to have a long term relationship with fiverr.

I’m the 2nd best seller in my category (vector tracing), last month the results of the search were showing me on the top, this week some new (and low experienced) buyers were to the top of searches, and mine went down about 10 positions. Not because my performance, but because the changes on the search algorithm. Fiverr seems to be using AGAIN, the price of the gigs as weight in the search.

Anyway, you can survive, but lately you will need a little bit of luck too.


Yeah, I’m excited to try this out as a side thing with college and other jobs.
The internet is a beautiful place full of many things that you can do! The one thing that upset me is that I could not fit that last g in my name. :joy: .


Lots of us make it and lots of others don’t make it.

Be prepared to not get a lot of sales at first and to only charge $5 for as long as it takes to get a lot of reviews.


Get a first sale is lit a bit harder. But then if you do a good job for reasonable price. You can win the race. Quality, price, timely deliver are more important on Fiverr. Good luck buddy


About a month now, but i created my first gig 3 days ago. you can check my gig out. any idea to improve it will be appreciated


If you want help you need to make your own heading under the category “Improve My Gig”.


Thanks, i will check that out