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Can you recommend me a great editor?



I am looking for some recommendations on great editors (specially: fiction). There are so many to wade through, please let me know who you use or have heard of someone using.

Not sure if this is the correct forum or not–so mods please move if you need to. Thanks!





I know some great editors who may or may not be posting on the forum right now who sadly don’t blow their own trumpet like a publicity *****–and as an English person, this is worth a billion kudos points. A couple of demerits for lack of subtlety though.

Yes, I am talk about ME! I will do your project for the low, low price of just TWENTY GROATS AND A DIRTY SOVEREIGN! plus whatever I can shake out of your pockets that looks slightly valuable. If this sounds too scandalously good to be true, you could check out other posters


“Emma is so good at editing things, she really is, she like makes editing a good thing, you know? It’s just, like, super awesome. So great. So good.” Amy da Best, CEO @


I appreciate that it takes time to find someone but the same is true for any service. The forum is not a job posting board but unfortunately the designated place (buyer requests) is avoided by most good sellers. For this reason I suggest you try out a few editors with a $5-10 order for a section of the book and then choose the one you find best/best to work with for the main job.


Have you become a meksell?


Well, if you can’t beat 'em…


Thanks, I’ve actually tried a few. Hasn’t been great so far.


I don’t know if it will help, but I’ll message move your post to the ad section where sellers can offer their services to you directly. There are some good sellers already posting, you might take a look.

There are also some buyers on the forum who might see the thread and PM you with ideas. Good luck!


If the Management emphasized the buyer requests function/features here it’s likely more people would use it. I can’t recall ever having seen any news about it on the home page and I’ve seen no videos featuring it. I receive notices about who replied to my comments or my gig but NOTHING about the subject. So since the Fiverr management doesn’t actively promote it there are few users.
Management should either outsource that task via the Gig Requests itself, or employ high paid well known marketing firms from Madison Ave in New York. Their goal should be to encourage almost every buyer to try it at least one time. I’d be willing for a fee to give a testimonial about how I use it, including some of my most successful follow-ups.


@wordpress_luv [quote=“wordpress_luv, post:10, topic:113953”]
there are few users.

Really? It says I have 8668 to look at. And I remove them regularly. Most of them are either Sellers or make no sense, but they’re there. Actually, I had been reporting bad behavior but I think CS got a little grumpy.

If you search for something and get to the end of the results, it asks if you want to post one. I don’t think they want any more - they can’t seem to get the ones already being posted under control.


Not sure about what you mean and want to see a screenshot maybe, Rarely do more than 30 Sellers contact me when I post a Gig Request. If you have 8700 then I’m obviously doing something wrong. Fact is, that many would be way way too much for me to handle,. Luckily for us, Fiverr has a pause gigs button to allow us time to contact respondents, Sellers replying to our requests.

Fiverr will pause or suspend your gig request if you fail to respond to them say after 3-4 days. It has happened several times to my Gig requests. So please explain to those reading here, how you have almost 8700 replies. And thank you for joining this conversation.



That’s from a Seller’s point of view. I see that many Requests. I was pointing out that there are a lot of people using the Buyer’s Request system. However as a Buyer you wouldn’t see them.

If you’ve hit 30 Offers on a Request, Sellers are definitely interested in responding.


I’ve posted a new request, still pending but should be up in a bit.

Here it is:

Chapter edit and polish. The first draft of the chapter is complete at 3500+ words.

What is needed:

  • Fix every typo and the tiniest error.
  • Reduce word count to around 2500, while maintaining story and character development.
  • Polished into final draft.
  • Rewrite any areas that are needed and send the corrected document back with an explanation of the changes made.