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"Can you recommend someone else?"

I am very happy to recommend my fellow sellers when I’m too busy or when I know a project just isn’t right for my skill set. If a buyer messages me and I’m not a good fit for the order, they often ask if I can recommend someone who might be–that’s totally fine. From the forum and from spying on my own category, I pretty much know who’s a real person with a grasp of the language and who’s only posing as one.

But I recently had a buyer message me, discuss a project at length, and then, once he actually looked at my gig and realized I was not going to write 1000 words and include hyperlinks to “reputable sources,” for $5, scolded me for my “high prices,” and then asked if there was someone cheaper who I could recommend.

I told him that he was welcome to check out the Writing & Translation and see if there was anyone there willing to fulfill his word count and extensive list of requirements for a single gig. He told me that he had already been browsing and contacting people for two days and that he just couldn’t find anyone (I wanted to thwack him on the head and say, “Yeah, no DUH, no one should do an hour and a half of work for $4”), and he hoped that I might be able to look and find someone for him.


I’ve only recommended another seller to a buyer once. At the time, I was swamped with orders and my buyer needed sales copy. I told them to go to Inspired Shane …

Inspired Shane (he’s new but absolutely fabulous) :

This seller is also wonderful, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. They are always days late, but it’s worth the wait.

I have a current order open with this seller that has a 1000 word gig for $5 -

She specializes in creative work, but was willing to handle my non-creative writing project (I think because I messaged her first and asked nicely - plus it’s in a niche she has vast experience in and I told her I only wanted up to 700 words). She’s very nice.

HOWEVER, with this particular buyer I wouldn’t recommend any of these sellers since I actually like them. :slight_smile:

He sounds demanding and with an attitude of self-entitlement.

Reply to @typingservice: It really was more about the attitude than anything! That first he tried to talk me down from my price and then when I wouldn’t budge, expected me to go out and find someone for him to work with.

Wow…that’s just…wow. That deserves a straight up Nope! First to waste your time then to presume you would make up for his lack of funds/willingness to pay, to find a cheaper seller. How dare you charge a fair wage! Shame on you! Soooo much nope.

I’m more than happy to recommend people on Fiverr. I just recommended

To one client I’m working with right now.

Reply to @edwriter: Thanks for making me part of your list!

Reply to @emasonwrites:

(Sarcasm) - Why didn’t you find someone for him to work with? You should have picked the writer with the profile saying “ill wriite 4 u good. u leik it very lotz.” They’ll live happily ever after! Just explain to the buyer that you found someone in their price range… :slight_smile:

Reply to @inkpetal: lol, I like that one.

Yeah, unfortunately the everything-for-five-bucks buyers do come around more often than we’d all like. However, if it’s a buyer that is genuinely looking for a service that’s out of my scope, I frequently recommend great sellers here on fiverr, including you emason. A few other favorite sellers are Happro and itsyourthing.

LOL! That bro’s reality cheque bounced out.

Reply to @typingservice: I should have thought of that!