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Can you refund a already completed task?

Hello guys,

I am selling animation service at fiverr, one of my buyer order a 2min video from me. After checking his script I found its more than 5 min of works to do, but because the script didn’t require much of animation (interview script) I happily gave him 5min video animation for cost of 2min.

I delivered the order on time, but the buyer didn’t came online for a week. As usual order was marked completed automatically and now he returns and message me to do changes… The changes that he asked is not something simple and I cannot provide that for the price he is paying.

So I am thinking to give him full refund, is there anyway I can cancel the order mutually without damaging my profile and give him full refund. (Although he already have my previous video works with him, no watermarked.)

No you can’t refund after the order is completed. This is a payment protection fiverr gives us.

Yes You can, You need go to resolution center and there should be an option of full refund for completed work. The UI changed recently, so i am not sure where it is and if it is still there.

thanks, I will check… but can you possible know if that is taken as mutual cancellation or something else ?

If it’s still within the 14 day clearing period you should be able to refund.
Tell your buyer why you want to cancel the order, if he accepts the cancellation then it’s considered a mutual cancellation.

okay thanks for the information. But the problem is buyer again gone for long, I have made a few changes, messaging him from 5 days no reply. I don’t know what to do if he comes back after 14days and ask for changes again… :frowning:

If your buyer doesn’t respond to your cancellation request it will be autom. cancelled after 3 days but this isn’t considered a mutual cancellation.


Earlier( like 2 months ago) you could refund the order even if it was marked complete. This new UI seems to be missing that option.