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Can you rely on Fiverr as a steady income source?


The reason I am asking this question to sellers here is the extreme fluctuations in my sales on Fiverr for really misunderstandable reasons over the past 2 years!

For example, I have recently contacted the customer support asking for advice regarding my delayed revenue clearance, the response was fast and they explained the issue and reassured me,

However, I noticed a few days following ticket submission that they have removed my gigs from Fiverr search results and consequently my sales dropped down to zero!

I opened another ticket asking for the reason why my gigs had been removed from search results but the answer was vague!

In conclusion, you have to be cautious before submitting a ticket to support and not to rely on Fiverr as a steady source of income!

I suggest that you make some other gigs and keep trying since for millions fiverr is a steady income source that supports them and their families.

Any internet business where you are self employed is not as secure as a good job as an employee for a big company. And any type of internet income source is always going to be something that could possibly go away at any time but many have been here for years making fiverr work well for them as a steady income source.

Hi, if you want 100% secure income, then work for the government or become a school teacher or a professor in a university. Those are the only safe and secure jobs I can think of, to be honest.

Point is, things are not the same as they were back in the 1960’s and 70s’s and 80’s…we are in the internet economy…nobody has lifelong jobs except those who work for the government, rest of us have to make the best of any opportunity we get and make the most of it. And once that is taken from us, find something else.

Facebook likes gigs are now usually removed from search if noticed. They break FB rules so Fiverr doesn’t give them preference. If FB complains about the gig, Fiverr will remove it totally. The others answered your other questions so I didn’t address those.

In addition to what @fonthaunt said, you have a URL in your profile description, and a shortened link in your business promotion gig description. Neither of these links is on the approved list.

Thank you fonthaunt, the point of concern here is why not removing all similar gigs rather than removing my gig only from search results!

It sounds that Fiverr discovered very late that these gigs break FB rules! I believe that thousands of buyers purchased from Fiverr FB, Twitter, Instagram and similar social media likes/tweets/followers … etc and they still do!

For fairness, all social media likes/tweets/followers gigs should be removed from Fiverr if it is a matter of breaching the rights of those networks!

You would have to mess up really badly to lose a government job.

What you say may be true and it’s sad for you that the gig you had was removed. The sooner you can get some new gigs on here the sooner you will start to make more money though. So hopefully you will quickly recover.

To answer your question not really, because for a steady income you would need sufficient amount of work. And the amount of orders for me personally over fiverr fluctuate a lot, mainly because most of the buyers are looking for a one time thing. I would much rather prefer long term work, rather than just waiting on individual orders to come and go.

Yep like being the new guy when cutbacks are made.

But why they are removing traffic services?

They remove traffic services, when such happen to come to their attention, because such services violate the terms of the site to which the service sends traffic. Violating the terms of service of, for example, Facebook also violates the terms of service of Fiverr.

If i remember two years ago in this forum only.Some sellers blaming if you are a top level sellers your service will be not take down. I have complain the some top level services to fiverr support , if they will be not take down. It means we are just wasting the time in fiverr. I am waiting for fiverr support and will be updated the support response soon here.

Don’t put all the eggs in one basket, this is what I’ve learned here on fiverr!

I understand what you mean? 1 like for you.

I agree though keeping multiple baskets handy requires allot more work as a neglected basket would just collect junk leaving no room for eggs.

On the other hand, if your one-and-only basket breaks, you’re in trouble. Although I’m only a buyer here on Fiverr, I’ve been a freelancer on other sites and the old fashioned non-website way.

Sometimes a site closes down, or changes the rules making a particular business model untenable, or otherwise runs into problems. Just ask the writers who used to rely on Demand Studios or Helium for their incomes. Or the instructors on Udemy right now…

Of course, I hope that doesn’t happen to Fiverr, but sellers might be wise to at least keep an eye on other options, just in case the wind turns.

lol. I am liking this back and forth metaphoric dialogue.

I will buy a new basket if the current basket gets taken away from me. Till then I am happy with the present basket. Better the basket you know than the baskets you don’t. Happy Basket Day!