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Can you review my first illustration gig?

Hello everyone!
I am new to Fiverr and hoping to get my first order soon.
I’ve posted two gigs to test the platform but i haven’t got any order yet, and since the Gig Impressions are still down, i have had no feedback yet.

Could you please help me improve my gig? is there something I’m missing?
How do I get more traffic into it? Any ideas or tips would be super helpful

Here are my Gigs:
Gig 1, Illustration:
Gig 2, Storyboard:

Thanks in advance!


promote your gig as much as you can and also try to be active more here. pay time. work hard. success will automatically come.

Thank you,

by “here” you mean in the forums?
Are there topics where you can showcase your Gigs? is that allowed?

The only place you can promote your gig here on the forum, is in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum. Any promotional links posted anywhere else will likely be marked as spam.

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Thank you @jonbaas!

I understand that I have to do some marketing research of my own, but I am having a difficult time finding my potential customers, since I am from Chile and my goal would be to connect with foraigner people.

Posting gigs to my personal social media is not really working since only my close friends and family are there and most of them don’t even own a credit card, or even in need of my services, it seems.

So, Is it a good way to promote my gigs in the “My Fiverr Gigs” forum a good way to connect with potential customers?

Any experience from other users would be super helpful, specially if they are artists/ illustrators/ designers

No. Very few people will see your promotional posts in the “My Fiverr Gigs” category (most people ignor that part of the forum), and they are not your target customers. Your target customers are the people who NEED what you are selling. You have service. The service is designed to help people. Who are these people, and where can you find them? Those people are your target market.