Can you Review My Gig?: Having Issues with Buyers not following instructions


Hello, I recently posted an issue I’m having with buyers on this thread:

My most popular gig explicitly states that I need TWO things to provide my high quality cover letters:

  1. A current job posting
  2. A resume / CV

    However, buyers are NOT submitting job postings and I cannot complete my service without this important piece of information. I appreciate any advice or suggestions to reduce the amount of incomplete submissions I have been receiving.

    My gig instructions are as follows:

    Please provide me with:

  3. Your resume or CV
  4. A detailed job posting

    If you do not provide these two items, I cannot provide you with a high quality and targeted cover letter and your order will be delayed.

    The resume should be relevant to the job posting in order for it to be effective!

    Thank you!


Well it seems you’v got 100% ratings on it so that’s good.


Maybe make that last part all caps and then add stars on each side.