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Can you review my gig. I'm not getting any orders. only views


it;'s nice. I just saw it now. I did a love react on this


Thanks. Any tips to improve further?


Honestly, your gig is great. Unfortunately, however, you are working in a highly competitive field. With so many graphic designers out there, especially those that do logos, people simply cannot browse through them all. And they are much likelier to order from those that already have a history with clients on Fiverr.

What I mean is, your gig is lacking reviews. The more you have, the likelier are people going to purchase, especially on their own.

A great way to start getting orders is to go to the Buyer Requests section and start sending customized offers to people who are in need of designers. Although you’re still competing against others, there is much less competition and you’ll have the chance to impress your potential clients. Just stick to making each offer personal, making it obvious that you did read their request and you know what they’re asking for - and what you can offer it.

It might take a while and you’re probably going to have to put in a lot of effort, plus you won’t get picked many times, but once you do get picked, your Fiverr portfolio starts growing and with each order completed, getting the next one becomes easier. Until one day, the buyers are coming to you on their own. Just have faith in yourself and your skills! :slight_smile:


Thanks for your nice words. But I have been checking buyer requests everyday. Looks like they don’t request anymore. Its always empty :neutral_face:

Oh, that really is too bad. How about trying to advertise yourself if you have social media? Or perhaps narrowing down to a specific field. For example, I’m an editor. Instead of simply offering a gig where I would proofread anything, I narrowed down to only fictional novels consisting of romance and erotica. Because my field is so specific, I have little competition, hence my gig is highly visible. If I would be editing whatever, it would be quickly lost in the small sea of hundreds, if not even thousands of other editing gigs.

So, give it a try with narrowing down your field. Maybe having a gig for each style of logos you do. I won’t tell you which, because you know these better than I do. And do some research, try browsing other people’s gigs, see which services are people most likely to ask for, but there aren’t many sellers proiding them.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


That might be a good change. Good idea. Ill work on that. Thanks again!

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Righ. And maybe you could also try making the description more eye-catching by using bolded text and such. Basically, treat the description like a designing project.

The important things should be quick to spot, just by glancing at the text, since people are quick to lose interest and sometimes you need to hook them within seconds. :slightly_smiling_face:


You’re welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

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