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Can you send me a message, please?

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That’s risky, as usually people who ask for messages are attempting to cheat the system, and you might trigger something. Did you already contact Customer Support about the initial problem?


find to message option or click in message icon. i will see if some sending message to you

I am taking the same stance as @imagination7413 I will not message you just to test it. On the mobile app you can get a test notification. I am not going to send you a message because I don’t want to get my account banned by doing this.


Lock your app on background app then u will get notification on time

Oh, I didn’t know that. Thanks for letting me know this. I think I should go through the terms of service page.

Your average response time is 2 hours. Some people, including myself, may look at the situation like you’re trying to improve your response time. On top of that, since we aren’t planning on doing any business together, my message could be marked as spam and a violation of the TOS.


Oh, I didn’t know Fiverr was that strict about this. I think I will advertise some of my gigs on forums and hope to get some messages organically.

Thank you all for your responses.