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Can you send several files in your final delivery?

Hi, I have a single order for a book that requires that I send several illustrations and I have a qustions.

When I have finished all my work I need to send several jpg images not one when clicking the “deliver now” button.

Is this a option?

Thank you very mush. :slight_smile:


You can send multiple files in delivery and make sure to select the proper one as a portfolio sample and remember that buyer can choose not to reveal his order in your portfolio. Also, you should not use it if he purchases full CC rights.


yes.You can send actually.

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This is very helpful for me

Hi there,
Actually you have two options :slight_smile:
You can either:

  • Send illustrations one by one: when you click on the deliver work you have the link download work that will allow you to do that.

  • Or you can create a zip file. I like to use this option when I have a load of files to send because it simplifies the process of transferring multiple files for you AND your seller. If you can make your seller’s life easier, then you have more chance to see him or her coming back for more business, right?

Hope it was helpful !


Yes, you can do that. Am the person who had already faced this situation and delivered my client more that 3 files a single order and the buyer also can access the files also. It’s so easy know. You can do it for sure.
Thank you

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Yeah, You can delivery the files one by one and there is also a option of sending Source file, you know! It’s easy don’t take it too much complicated. You can do it with full of joy.
Thank you


Do this only if your client is a normal human being.

If you have even 1% doubt do not deliver them in ZIP because zip files come without watermark and you have no protection after, he can take and rune with money and your work.


Good to know.
Thanks for your insights on the subject.
So I guess you recommend to deliver files one by one if the buyer is a bit unreliable?
Am I correct?


Yes. For artwork it is best that they have watermark.


yes it was helpfull indeed

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Always glad to help :slight_smile:

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Have you tried to send it as compressed file?

How can send multiple files during delivery of order?