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Can you share referral codes after completed gigs?

Hi. I created my account today and would like to know if you can share referral codes after completed gigs? For instance, if a Fiverr seller offers to brainstorm company names and supplies the buyer a code to GoDaddy (a domain registration site.)



Of course not.

Read the ToS.

Why would Fiverr let you use Fiverr to generate or accept business off of Fiverr? Think about it.


I think (although could be wrong) the OP meant that, in their line of work, where they may be suggesting multiple brand names, the next logical step for the buyer would be to register that brand name as a domain name. The seller could therefore say “If you’re going to buy a domain via GoDaddy, use this link” which would be their affiliate link.

It’s an interesting question, as I don’t know off the top of my head whether this would be against the TOS. All you’re sharing is a link, no personal details, and Fiverr have their own referral programme which works exactly the same way. Fiverr would not be losing out on any business (they still get the original ‘Brainstorm’ income).

@climaks - I’d suggest running it past Customer Support. It sounds to me like one of those situations where it will either be absolutely fine, or it will get your banned! So if it were me, I’d seek clarity.


I know, thanks. That’s what I’m referring to.

You can’t share affiliate links. It’s against the ToS and rightly so. No business should let you use their platform to generate revenue outside of the platform and Fiverr doesn’t.

If you’re getting affiliate revenue, you’re doing business and making money.


OK, fair enough.

Like I said, my gut tells me this probably isn’t allowed. But for me ‘probably’ is the key word, as I see nowhere in the Terms of Service where it specifically states you can’t share an affiliate link within the platform (in an order in this case, where Fiverr is already receiving revenue).

Perhaps if the OP does decide to ask Customer Support about this, he can share any response he gets.


It’s under “User Conduct”: “Users may not submit proposals or solicit parties introduced through Fiverr to contract, engage with, or pay outside of Fiverr.”

Fiverr isn’t going to let you use their business to make a commission to which they have no entitlement.

It would also fall under prohibited conduct for most, if not all affiliate programs. You’re not allowed to break the terms of a business to use it to score commissions.


I’m not saying you’re wrong, I just don’t agree it’s as black-and-white as you’re suggesting. To me this a grey area, especially in relation to the part of the TOS you’ve quoted.

Regardless, I’ve nothing more to add to this as it’s not something I plan on offering, and my advice to the OP would remain to speak to CS. It’s an innocent question, and they’d provide an answer that can’t be questioned.


Okay, but sending is a referral is solicitation and engagement and a commission is payment. Commission is payment. That’s black and white.

They have no incentive to allow you to generate business outside of Fiverr and break the rules of an affiliate. Fiverr also doesn’t allow you to break the rules of other companies. That’s also in the ToS. Affiliates also require you disclose your affiliate relationship.

I’m off. Have a great night.

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Perfectly said, thanks!


Thanks for the input!

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This is a completely different scenario to the one mentioned in the original post. You’re talking about Fiverr’s Refer A Friend program. You should read the TOS. You don’t get $100 for it. You just get 20% of their order, but no more than $100. And that 20% can only be used on Fiverr, you can’t withdrawal it. And you won’t get the money until your friend places an order.

actually i dont know about this