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Can you show me a right way?

Can you advise me…[](http://fiverr gigs)


All right, here’s some points I notice when skimming over your gigs.

Your profile picture is kind of blurry. Is it possible that you use something that’s less blurry?

Facebook cover design gig: You only have one image on display, and frankly it’s not super attractive to would-be buyers. The fonts and clashing colors aren’t nice-looking.

Same issue with the background removal one. Instead of showing actual samples, you have an image of something that’s clearly not had actual background removal done (those two shirts look completely different!). The fonts are also not appealing.

And same issue with the retouching one. The visual aspect needs to be more arresting if you’re going to offer visual gigs. Put up some good samples that actually showcase your skill!


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You need to do 3 things.

Create attractive and unique gig
Promote it
Provide a best service.
When you are creating a gig, find a niche that you are good at and create the gig about it. As an example if you are good about graphic designing, create 2 - 3 gigs regards logo design, cover page design, etc. This will lead more traffic than one graphic design gig providing both services.

Use social media to promote your gig. You can promote it on facebook,twitter, google plus etc. Further join discussion forums talking your area of expertise and answer questions from people. Then you can add your signature with the link to the gig on that answers. Do not provide spam answers and put it everywhere, it will recognise you as a marketer but not valuable member of the community.

From the first message you receive from the buyer, make them feel you are special. Reply fast, answer all questions from them, describe what you are going to give them, etc. Once you received the order, complete it as soon as you can. Try to delight the buyer and make sure 5 star feedback. If you are going to giving average work and beg for 5 star feedback, it will not work.


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Please, read that before asking help:


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