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Can you still do Custom Offers with Fiverr Business?

Hello!! Considering Fiverr Business as my business grows. My concern is:

I read somewhere that you cannot do “private offers” when you are on Fiverr business which would really messs with my business. Is this the same as custom offers?

It seems silly that this feature would be taken away, but want to check before committing.

I would really appreciate some answers as soon as possible. I have someone helping me and I need to get them on my fiverr, so if this isnt’ the case, I can action Fiverr Business.



Check this out:

There is a Contact Us button at the bottom of the article if you require further help.

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Thanks, but this does not answer my specific question. Plus customer service takes like DAYS to get back to you, this is why I came to the forum. It would be very helpful if someone could just answer my specific question.

Thank you’

I am not sure if you are asking as a buyer or a seller. However, I have Fiverr Business buyers who message me and ask for custom offers.

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Thanks, asking as a seller. And can you still send them a custom offer?


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Yes, I have made several custom offers with business buyers.

However, I am not familiar with private offers.

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Are you part of Fiverr Business though?

No, I am a seller. I never signed up for Fiverr Business. I thought it was just for a team of buyers.

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