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Can you suggest me how to improve my gig?

I’ve been hanging on Fiverr for a long time but still haven’t got even one darn sale. I’ve recently come up with two new gigs, but they don’t seem to perform any better than the previous ones. Could you please take a minute of your time and tell me what I’m doing wrong? It’ll be much appreciated. Thanks in advance

The biggest issue is that your offering a service that’s not really a hot search topic on this site. Maybe offer a service that has a little more traffic that you’re skilled at.

Thanks for your tips. I’ll try to come up with something new then.

I tried typing “cheap flight ticket” on the search bar and a lot of other gigs showed up, not much sales on theirs either. You might want to try gigs that are “in demand” if you want sales to come sooner.

…if only I had an idea what else to try. Anyways, I appreciate your tips and comments.