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Can you take a look at my gig if everything is okay?

Here is my gig. I have completed 2 orders of buyer request but no custom order or the new buyer is coming. Remaining 24/7 online. marketing on social media. any idea for me to leave in the comment section?

visit my gig below:


well done… All are Perfect. Best of luck

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There are a few grammar errors in your FAQ and maybe you might want to change the font in your thumbnail, that’s kinda personal preferance though but other than that it’s great! I just realized there is a grammar mistake in the thumbnail too.


Your gig title: I will a logo with unlimited revision.
Change it to: I will create or design logo with unlimited revision.


The visual is terrible in terms of color choices - it hurts the eyes - yellow + black + blue shouldn’t be layered like this, especially with oddly mixed, hard-to-read fonts like this. Did you learn design in school or through a course or anything? These are big mistakes and ones you should be aware of if this is what you want to do for a living.

This gig is grammatically incorrect in several places, as someone pointed out - “a fully responsive”…a fully responsive what? Website? Just say “fully responsive” and leave off the “a”. Also “less price” isn’t correct English - you should probably say something like “affordable solution” instead.

Just seeing the bad color choices, bad grammar, and mixed fonts like this is enough to scare off most buyers. I’m not trying to be mean to you, just truthful. A good website creator would have pictures / screenshots of successful completed projects to put in their gig, and all you have is this one image with errors. That doesn’t inspire buyer confidence.

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thank you for you valuable opinion. i will make the changes but if i change the gig picture won’t it loose its rank?

thank you, dear. i will make the change

thank you, for your valuable opinion.

Thanks, I didn’t notice that.


keep it up dear. wish you best of luck

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