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Can you tell me how that looks?

Hi, I recently change my gig photo…
Can you tell me how that looks?



Pacman might be a bit retro but I love him. Although, I don’t know his copywrite status. You might want to check up on that before Fiverr CS do.

Doesn’t matter how it looks because it have little to no value for client, how about picture of you playing game or something like that? Let me know what you think

// P.S. You just gived me an idea for a gig, I also want to be paid for gaming lol

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I would improve the gig image, if you don’t know how to you can get a gig here on fiverr.

I think you should improve it.

In your package description, the stated amount of minutes differs from what you are actually offering.

You spelled minutes wrong multiple times, and your completion time in the title (24 hrs) doesn’t match the description (48 hrs).

if that’s the 2600 version of pacman, you could have your work cut out for you

in fairness i’m not a game developer, but i’m a little confused as to what i would get if, say, i made a game, and gave you that game and $15

it says you’ll play the game for 150 mins, and i’d get 10 pages tested and 30 mins recorded? if i knew more about game development would i understand what i was getting? i don’t know if that’s just me


Do you mean that I must be more specific in my description? :upside_down_face:

Thanks! Now is correct! :blush:

Can you be more specific about your judgement? :sweat_smile:

yesh, it might be due to my ignorance but i wouldn’t have a clue what i would get for a given package. also, if your going to screen record soem of it, why not record al of it so i would have e a better idea of whats going on?

yeah, that’s true… Thanks for the advice!