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Can you tell me more about Fiverr's new campaign "Get More Done, Together"?


I think it’s interesting, but Fiverr doesn’t give much information about it. Can you tell me how it works and how to do it?


Check this out: Get More Done Together: Welcome to the Future of Work

I think all the information available is in the link above.


I’m pretty sure OP came directly from there, and is asking for clarification after seeing the post. So posting the link that lead to them asking a question isn’t going to help much.


It was just a showcase of Fiverr to their Potential customers to join the Fiverr. That’s it!
It was for Buyers… Just a marketing strategy to attract the buyers by showcasing some case scenarios and numbers game!

That’s it. There is nothing to do. Just hope this marketing strategy will work and fiverr will gets tons of new customers. They are getting customers means we are getting customers.


It’s always like that, I’ve already seen it in other topics, he just leaves links scattered around…


Thank you very much for your help! Now I understand everything perfectly…